The Situation in America and Our Challenge

Pick up any newspaper in America today, and you will no doubt read several articles about how one human being treated another with aggression and hostility. Sit down in any courtroom on “criminal” day, and you will see how prevalent the use of alcohol and drugs is in our society.

All too often, we try to stop or prevent negative emotions, only to cause ourselves further distress and anguish. Or we act on our selfish desires and are left with feelings of discontent and unfulfillment.

The aim of the Successful Self Direction (SSD) program is to help people find their true purpose in life, which is to acquire virtues. When they know why they exist, they can begin to develop the tools they need to overcome their self-defeating behavior and find success and happiness.

Our lives can be compared to the life of an apple tree. An apple tree starts out in seed form. To grow and bear fruit, it must be planted in the soil and nourished by sunlight and rain. We start out in seed form, too. The trials and misfortunes we face are actually the “food” we need to grow and bear fruit ourselves. We “grow” by developing our capacities for knowing and loving. We “bear fruit” by translating these capacities into positive action.

The Successful Self Direction program teaches people how to use struggle as a means for growth and achievement of purpose.

There are forty-one concepts in the program. Participants learn them by taking part in the thirteen two-hour group sessions and by completing the homework assignments. The scientific research method is employed to test these concepts. Participants accept them as true for purposes of investigating them.

Participants apply the concepts to their everyday life experiences. They decide for themselves whether the concepts are valid and useful to them.

Much of contemporary education concerns itself only with the presentation of information. The teacher dispenses facts and ideas to the student, who commits them to memory long enough to pass a test.

The Successful Self Direction program takes a “holistic” approach to education, focusing on the interrelationship between the mind, body, and heart of the student. SSD facilitates the development of a person’s character and draws out his human potential to the fullest extent possible, enabling him to become his “true” self.

The applications for the Successful Self Direction program are limited only by our imaginations:

  • Addictions (alcohol, drugs, smoking, food, sex)
  • Adult Criminal Offenders
  • Character Development
  • Depression
  • Mediation
  • Parenting
  • Relationships (family and work)
  • Troubled Youth
  • Victims

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