Successful Self-Direction Concepts

Successful Self Direction ®

Basic Concepts


  • Life is largely made up of reactions to what faces us moment to moment.
  • Reacting consists of the following steps:
    1. Seeing, or becoming aware of, something in either the inner or outer environment.
    2. Feeling something about what we are facing.
    3. Taking action based on the combination of knowledge and emotional energy developed at the time.

There are two ways to view the following:

  • What Really Matters
  • What Matters to Me
  • Matter
    1. A personal, egocentric or conditioned point of view.
    2. An Overall or abstract point of view.

Definition of Reality (digest of the Oxford English Dictionary):

What exists and shows signs registering on our sense perceptions: Material
This refers to the physical body and other material things that our tactile senses report.
What underlies the appearance of things: Immaterial
This refers to things that exist in the human thought world and are often referred to as spiritual realities, such as the power of attraction and cohesion, growth, senses, intellect, faith and intuition.
The human being lives in both the material and immaterial worlds.

Immediate Consciousness (I.C.):
    What I "see" and feel now, and it is here that I make my decisions and plan my reacting. My Immediate Consciousness is generated by the action of my brain which I use as machinery in responding either to my environment or to my own needs, desires, impulses, will and commands.

Cumulative Consciousness (C.C.):
    The sum total of what has been generated and recorded through my Immediate Consciousness.

Inner and REAL Self (Successful Self with Virtues, potential Self):
    A being that is greater than I know, potentially Successful, and characterized by all of the human Virtues, active or latent. This is the part of me that I need to understand and am going to learn to keep active and growing.
    This is what I am in my heart. Other people don't know this inner Self; I don't fully know this part of me. But I do know that I have this higher nature that only shows occasionally, and I want to bring it out and give it a chance to develop.

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