Successful Self-Direction Program

Successful Self Direction ®

Program Description

Program Content

  • 175 pages in 13 Lessons
  • Each Lesson consists of:
    • Explanatory Text
    • Concepts Pages
    • Definitions of Terms
    • Daily and Weekly Exercises

Core Curriculum

  • Reality of Self
  • Reality of Human Relations
  • Reality of Time
  • Reality of Right and Wrong Behavior
  • Purpose and Powers

Study and Class Time

  • Approximately 30-40 minutes daily study and homework
  • The class meets weekly for two hours:
    • The first hour is devoted to discussions of real life experiences with the concepts in the previous week's lesson.
    • The second hour is focused on review and discussion of the upcoming lesson.

Education Method

  • There are five ways in which a student learns the concepts:
    1. Reading of the Lesson Text and Concepts pages
    2. Completing the written Exercises
    3. Class Discussions of real life applications
    4. Demonstrations and examples of the Instructor
    5. Teaching SSD to others
  • No rote memory is required for a student to learn the Lessons.

Successful Completion requires

  • Attendance at all Classes
  • Participation in Class Discussions
  • Performance of written Exercises
  • Study of the Materials

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