Successful Self Direction (SSD)



From inmates in the Kokomo, Indiana court system:

"If I hadn't of taken this wonderful class, I would think that it's unbelievable, the changes it's made -- now that I have, it's absolutely incredible! I shall never forget you and all you have done."

"[This program] has helped me to stop and analyze situations before I react. It's helped me gain more control over my actions. I respect the sincerity and enthusiasm of the teachers."

"The SSD program has changed my life. It has given me a better outlook on life. It's taught me how to handle my problems before they start."

"I HIGHLY recommend this program to any individual having negative consequences in his life."

"You have put structure and character in my life. I've learned that it is okay for me to be honest and to tell the truth. It's okay for me to talk about my problems instead of hiding behind drugs and alcohol. It's okay for me to learn from my mistakes ... SSD is the missing link in education."

"I've learned more from this program than incarceration or any other program this community has to offer."

"I only wish I could have been been introduced to this program years ago! It is worth its weight in Gold!"

"I want to personally thank you for teaching this SSD class. You just don't realize how you have saved my life and my marriage. My wife sees a change in me, my parents see and know that I have changed. I talk different because I see different. My attitude has changed. This SSD class is what I needed to see life as it really is. I'm ready to live. May God Bless you."

"This program should be mandatory in all the courts in this state, regardless of the offender's sentence."

"Thank you for bringing something positive to the inmates who want to make something out of their lives and not keep turning in the revolving door of the judicial system. I've learned there is a way out, and with the tools this program has given me, I won't be back again."

"This class has taught me how to deal with what I don't like in a positive way. It feels good to acquire virtues."

"As I practiced the concepts from the course, I realized how selfish I was viewing things. When you are looking at only yourself you don't really even see what reality is! I began to change ...
Instead of feeling sorry for myself I began to look at what I could learn from this situation [jail] ... and look forward to better times ...
In summary, I am thankful for this experience and I'm glad I had your course to help me 'see' things differently."


Testimonial of an Executive Vice Principal at a Hartford, Connecticut High School:

I shall like to briefly outline my background educationally and work experience. I graduated from Fordham University in 1974 with a Bachelors in Social Sciences and again in 1977 with a Masters Degree in clinical social work. I graduated again from Central Connecticut State University in 1985 with a certificate in advanced graduate studies, which qualified me to hold an administrative position in the Connecticut public school systems below the rank of superintendent....

....The concepts and theory of SSD were totally different from anything I had witnessed in all my educational experiences. SSD was meaningful, made sense, and teachable. After the lecture, I personally found a great deal of sociology, psychology, theology and anthropology all mixed together in a fashion that deeply realizes the very essence of the human soul. SSD is not just theory but rather a guide or a choice or an option to examine what is good, what is not acceptable and make better choices based on the source of the themes or objectives.

I immediately obtained the SSD textbook and deepened my knowledge about the subject. Soon after I applied the theories to some of my students as I was an assistant principal at Hartford Public High School, Hartford, CT. I was in charge of the detention program in which one of my responsibilities was providing meaningful programs for the students.

I tailored the lecture or workshop for 30 minutes as some students had only one detention while others had more. I soon learned that some students were attending detention who did not have detention. It soon became obvious that the "word" had gotten out that something very unusual and fantastic was happening in Room 272 at 2:30 PM everyday.

I found that high school students not only could relate to SSD but really enjoyed the experience. I personally believe that SSD is a program that is designed to reach people of all ages....

- Harry Holloway, Executive Vice Principal, Hartford, CT High School; Major MS. USAR

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