Successful Self-Direction Testimonial - Judge Jessup

Successful Self Direction ®

Testimonial from Judge Stephen M. Jessup

    I have been a strong supporter of your Successful Self Direction program from its inception. Since that time, my appreciation of your program has done nothing but increase.

    I have received about 1/2 dozen letters from people who have been ordered to participate in your program, or have volunteered to participate while in jail. Unlike most letters I receive, these presented no requests or requested favors; however, these individuals were writing to praise your program and to let me know the difference it was making in their lives.

    Please convey to your associates that I pledge my continuing support, and will, as I have in the past, order appropriate offenders to participate and complete your program.

Yours sincerely,
Stephen M. Jessup, Judge
Howard Superior Court II, Indiana

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