Successful Self-Direction Testimonial - Sheriff McKinney

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Testimonial from Sheriff Dave McKinney

    Recently I had an opportunity to visit an orientation class for the Successful Self Direction (SSD) program, which was conducted at the Howard County Jail. The orientation class provided me with an insight as to what the SSD program is about. I am very pleased with what I observed. The inmates that attended seemed to be very attentive and interested in what was being taught.

    Over the past several weeks, I have had an opportunity to research the concepts and evaluate the impact this program has made. Several inmates that have completed the SSD program have told me that they have learned to channel their anger in a positive manner and that they feel they have more self confidence. I am amazed at the change in one inmate that had a very disturbing attitude in the Jail. After taking the SSD program he has been able to control himself to the point where he is now a trustee in the jail. As you know, trustees are given freedom to work outside and are entitled to special privileges.

    I have become excited about the possibilities of this program. Another positive aspect is the fact that this program meets the criteria for separation of "church and state." This creates another option available to inmates that do not want to participate in our Jail Ministry Program.

    I am in support of this program and hope to see it continued, or even expanded, in our Jail and community. If I can assist you in any manner, please contact me.

Dave McKinney, Sheriff
Howard County, Indiana

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