Successful Self-Direction Testimonial - Dr. Wolf

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Testimonial from Dr. Clifton W. Wolf

August 28, 2001

    I have known Doug McAdam for over 20 years under different circumstances and conditions. In 1984 he visited the Kansas City, MO community at our invitation to introduce us to Marian Lippitt's life work the Science of Reality and her program for personal self-transformation called Successful Self Direction (SSD). Since then he has returned several times to support our learning of Ms. Lippitt's work.

    If I may, I would like to make personal reference to my relationship with Doug. I am a clinical psychologist and over the years have attempted to integrate my limited knowledge of the SSD program with my practice of psychotherapy. When Doug became my mentor in this endeavor, encouraging and guiding me in applying the SSD program to my practice, my approach to psychotherapy changed significantly.

    I have been in practice for 40 years, on faculty at three medical schools and have attended workshops throughout the years. Nothing that I have learned compares to the power of SSD in helping people overcome the self-defeating patterns of the lower self and arising to the higher self. In my opinion, SSD will be the paradigm in the future for people in my profession.

    Doug, humbly is exceedingly intelligent and knowledgeable in the social and physical sciences.

    I whole-heartedly support Doug's training programs.

  Clifton W. Wolf, Ph.D., Clinical Psychologist

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